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“Peter Pan” stands out as a workshop that makes quality and specialization of the strengths for the production of the famous Venetian masks in papier-mache.

It was founded in the 1996 by the creativity and passion of the sisters Franceschini.
Peter Pan is located in the heart of Venice in the district of Santa Croce, in Campo Santa Maria Mater Domini, near the Museum of Modern Art Ca’ Pesaro, a short distance from the famous Rialto Bridge.

The field is able to offer a pin glimpse of “Venice out of his cards”: a field, a well, a stream with a bridge below which stationed two gondoliers; all it framed by buildings of the oldest in Venice that house, which is rare now, only workshops.

Five minutes walk from Rialto you can be rewarded by this gem Gothic in which you see a wonderful Byzantine palace of the thirteenth century, Palazzo Zane, with four-light and patare, reliefs typical Istrian stone embedded in the Venetian walls.
Facing the bridge’s building Viaro-Zane with a remarkable pentafora trefoil enhanced by the game of marbles with panels with early Christian crosses and animals, that are the background while on the right you will find the house Barbaro fourteenth century.
Between the two bars of the field, the church in Istrian stone of the sixteenth century, in which there is a painting by Tintoretto.
The laboratory is located adjacent to the church, in an old space that was previously the “portico-covered” the same church – from which it takes the name – which in 1575 was closed in its lenght and used, in subsequent periods, to the laboratory.
This is still in evidence from Madonna engraved on the capital that still sustains the doorway which leads to our laboratory.
Today that is hosting us and relives its splendor thanks to us.



Our history

Always passionate about history, art and painting, over twenty years ago, we decided to continue to give life to the ancient tradition of playing mascareri Venetian, with attention to details, every step of the process of creation of traditional masks in papier-mache, from construction of the mold, to the care of the materials, until the study of the decoration company seeking to resume and the glorius history of our beautiful city, Venice.

Unlike in most of our cities, we personally create each mask. We create papier-mache masks using techniques derived from the tradition that stand out from the many decorative ideas.
Choose from a variety of colors accompanied by inserts or decoration embossed with gold leaf and silver, embellished fabrics, trimmings, feathers and anything else our creativity suggests.
Peter Pan takes part in important events such as the “Market of Masks” which takes place in Venice for more than 20 years during the period of Carnival.

Besides you can wear them during Carnival, which in Venice is still a custom extremely impressive thanks to unchanged historical context, our masks cheered private parties, weddings, themed events in Italy and in the world and are now admired as an object appreciated for the interior design both in private houses and in important facilities open to the public.